North Springs Cross Country

Fall 2016 Season Information

Mandatory practice for returning runners will begin on Monday, August 8th and will take place at the North Springs track at 4:00pm.  Practices will run Monday through Friday with meets usually taking place on Saturday mornings.  Practices will conclude each day no later than 6:00pm.  The final day for new runners to join the team will be Friday, August 26th.

All runners must submit valid athletic forms to participate in summer conditioning.  The necessary forms (physical, insurance, concussion and transportation) are located in the student athletic handbook and can be accessed by clicking here.

Click here to access the summer running conditioning calendar.

Attendance Policy

Attending practice consistently throughout the season is a necessity for both safety and success. Running competitively requires a great deal of training if one wishes to improve their times and remain injury free. In this respect, all runners must abide by the following expectations if they wish to remain on the team.

Both Coach Paris and Coach Benschine understand that some runners will need to miss practice for excused reasons.  For an absence to be considered excused, Coach Paris must be notified of the absence prior to the missed practice or meet.  Examples of excused absences include:
 * Doctor’s Appointments
 * Illness
 * Family Vacations
 * Tutoring Sessions
 * Religious Holidays
All other absences will be deemed excused or unexcused at the discretion of Coach Paris. Excessive excused absences may result in a meeting with the coaches to determine a runner’s continued place on the team.
Runners will be afforded one unexcused absence without penalty.  A second unexcused absence, such as detention, will result in that runner’s disqualification from the next race.  Runners will be afforded three unexcused absences before being dismissed from the team. To reiterate, any absence that has not received prior approval from Coach Paris will be classified as unexcused, regardless of the reason.
Whether excused or unexcused, all runners must attend practice at least four out of five days a week if they wish to participate in the next race.